The first middle grade novel in the Oak Lane Stable trilogy.

Mystery Horse at Oak Lane Stable

ISBN 978-1-943331-88-8

With Shady Creek's schooling show approaching soon, 12-year-old Cassie hopes she can convince her dad in time to buy the rescued bay mystery horse at Oak Lane Stable for her very own or face losing him forever. Cassie's summer before 8th grade is filled with adventure and unexpected danger. A middle grade novel that will keep the reader guessing until the very end.

Coming Summer, 2020!


The second middle grade novel in the Oak Lane Stable trilogy.

Gray Horse at Oak Lane Stable

​13-year-old Cassie is determined to qualify for the fall Children's Division Equitation Hunter championships. After consistently winning at the start of the show season with her horse, Snowdrops, her confidence is shaken when she finds a series of threatening notes in her show trunk and has a run-in with a group she calls "The Mean Girls" - girls who don't play nice when they don't win. Will she be able to pull herself together to compete and qualify for the championships? Who's writing the warnings? Would they really hurt her or her horse?

On top of this, Cassie will make the hardest decision of her young life: Will she keep Snowdrops and continue to ride hunters despite the threats, or will she move on to jumpers, something she's always wanted to do? Her dad makes it clear she can have only one horse. Who will she choose?

Coming Fall, 2020!


The third middle grade novel in the Oak Lane Stable trilogy.

Dark Horse at Oak Lane Stable

Now that Cassie is 14-years-old, she moves up to the Junior Show Division with bigger challenges, bigger fences, and bigger stakes. Pulled toward riding jumpers, where things can change in a flash, she must learn to handle the pressure of timed events, super-skilled riding, and hard falls. Her best friends, Ingrid and Allison, will be there for her whether she wins or loses, encouraging Cassie when she needs the strength to get back on.


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