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Mystery Horse Turns Two

Mystery Horse at Oak Lane Stable turns 2-years-old this week. It's been quite a journey becoming a published author. There is so much work that goes into writing and editing a book, but no one ever said how much work comes right before and after the book makes its way to the public. There is always more to learn about marketing and then writing the next books in the series.

I am grateful for Orange Hat Publishing seeing something in the story that prompted them to say yes, let's publish this debut novel, especially after I received 2 years of rejections from other agents and small publishers. I've been carried along by the highs of the first book sales and then to the lows when, despite my best efforts, sales flattened out. I think most writers hope for that Harry Potter magic, that incredible response from readers who turn a novel into an enduring treasure. Who wouldn't want that? I know I hoped for it.

I have come to realize that writing is really about sharing stories, having the grit to keep going even when others say no, to want to create for creations sake, and to be content with getting the work down that wants to come through. Maybe that magic doesn't happen right away or ever, and maybe it does for some. But I will continue to work at my craft, perfecting the books that need my cooperation to be birthed into this world. I hope whoever reads them will be delighted with their presence. And I will say, Thank You, Dear Reader, for your love of stories.



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