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Meet Author K.M.Waldvogel

I met author K.M. Waldvogel nearly four years ago at the Lakefly Writers Conference in Oshkosh, Wisconsin during one of the breakout sessions they offered on writing query letters. At that time, neither one of us had books published, but we both discussed pursuing our dreams of becoming authors while we sat together at lunch. We exchanged emails and promised to write to each other, which we did. By keeping in touch with weekly, and sometimes daily, emails, a friendship was born. We have encouraged each other through the emotional highs and lows of becoming published writers, learned the daunting task of book marketing, and stepped fully into becoming tech-savvy, or at least better at it than when we started out. K.M. Waldvogel is not only a talented, award-winning writer but is truly a beautiful person inside and outside.

Waldvogel's first book Three Little Ghosts is a lovely, non-scary picture book about three little ghosts who gather together to share Halloween with their neighborhood friends. The story is colorful and beautifully illustrated. Here is what Waldvogel has to say about her inspiration behind writing it:

"My husband I experience Halloween with our grandchildren one year. Their laughs, enthusiasm, and excitement for the holiday inspired Three Little Ghosts. I strived to capture the simple joy that trick-or-treating provides children . . . how the costumes make them laugh, the decorations create a festive feel, and the trick-or-treating itself brings a smile to their faces.

I wrote in rhyming text as I felt young readers would enjoy it. It provides a comforting rhythm and lets children experience words and language.

The illustrations are colorful and joyful, and the ghosts are non-scary. That was important to me. This book was to be fun for children to read or have read to them. The illustrator even incorporated a little black cat on many of the pages. The cat is kind of hidden at times so children have to look closely at the pictures to find it.

One of my reviews on Amazon states: This book is a wonderful child-friendly Halloween book. I love it! This was such a great compliment. It’s exactly what I hoped to accomplish with the book."

Three Little Ghosts will delight both young and adult readers.

K.M. Waldvogel's second book Spies, Soldiers, Couriers & Saboteurs, Women of the American Revolution was released last month. The book showcases 14 women whose courageous acts during the American Revolutionary War often equaled their male counterparts. Waldvogel created a history book that is a delight to read - each chapter focuses on the different lives of the women. It is well-written, thought-provoking, and an interesting look back at a specific time in the nation's history.

You can read more about K.M. Waldvogel and her books on her website at: www.kmwaldvogel.com.



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